Writing apps for kids with autism

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Social Stories for Kids with Autism: 21 Social Story Templates & Apps

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top 8 recommended apps for kids with autism

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Added to communication, behavior, and eye contact issues, many children have difficulty with friendships and struggle in school, the workplace, and in public. Autism Speaks also houses a database of apps available for a variety of functions like language, communication, behavioral, functional, and social skills development.

Wei says that “intensive behavior intervention is the most effective option” for autistic children to function better, but apps can help too. SURVEY RESULTS: Favorite Apps for Elementary/Middle School Question: What are your 5 favorite or most useful apps for elementary or middle school age students with ASD?

And many apps can help develop fine-motor skills (e.g., writing, manipulating small objects, etc.). iPad and iPhone apps are literally revolutionizing learning and communication for ASD kids and teens.

These apps cost far more than most, but they are cheaper than traditional communication systems and equipment that parents of kids with special needs may have bought in the past. Speech Dragon. The following script is from "Apps for Autism" which originally aired on Oct.

23, and was rebroadcast on July 15, Lesley Stahl is the correspondent.

Writing apps for kids with autism
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