Quotation marks for emphasis in legal writing and research

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How Scare Quotes Are Saving Legal Writing

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10 U.S. Code § 2302 - Definitions

The Solicitor General, who represents the United States in the nation's highest court. “The skillful quoter seamlessly meshes the author’s words with those of supporting voices.” Writers’Toolbox is a regular feature of unavocenorthernalabama.com each issue, Professor Anne Enquist.

Examples Quotation. This attitude to art and life can be summarized by Wilde's maxim, "When a truth becomes a fact it loses all its intellectual value."; In response to the RICO Act allegations, FooBarCo executive Pat Chung issued a statement that "Our entire legal department reviewed the plan before launch; they were certain then and now that it raises no racketeering red-flags of any kind.".

Heh, I only use quotation marks for emphasis on blogs and forums, because I am to lazy too highlight the text and click the "i" icon or insert the html code for italics. And that points out the other use of quotation marks to make it clear that I am speaking about a specific symbol or operation.

Q. When is it appropriate to use quotation marks to set off a term that is being defined or described in academic writing? I edit casebooks and journal articles for law professors, and authors will often write sentences such as.

Quotation marks for emphasis in legal writing and research
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