Cover letter for english teacher abroad

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Work experience letter template

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Are your teacher resume and cover letter generating interviews?

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Teach English

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5 Common Cover Letter Phrases That Are Losing You the Job

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The below cover letter template was crafted for the position of English Teacher, however it’s general layout and professional format can easily be used for all types of teaching jobs.

Simply download the template and replace the placeholder information with your own. Apply to teach with UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) has a broad range of government teaching positions, including English.

Remember, it's the cover letter than connects the resume to the position offered, and makes you stand out in a pack of viable teaching candidates. It's a chance to show your skills in the English language (or lack thereof, so be careful), and to make an early impression on the prospective employer.

Looking to gain some work experience? Our free work experience letter template will help get you started, and learn how to stand out to employers. Downloadable Cover Letter Examples. Browse through our library of industry-specific cover letter samples.

Get inspiration on how to create a cover letter. When you apply for a job teaching English, along with your TEFL/TESOL CV/Résumé you will also need to send a Cover Letter or email. Remember that the cover letter is the first and best chance to make a good impression so it should be the best you can create.

Cover letter for english teacher abroad
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