Animal research is essential for drug advancements

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Animals Research at UBC

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Animal studies are crucial to medical, veterinary, and scientific discovery Animal studies continue to play a crucial part in medical, veterinary and scientific research that benefits both animals and humans.

Animals Research at UBC

Americans for Medical Progress supports research involving animals when it [ ]. Research with nonhuman animals occupies a central and essential role in psychology and related fields. Both old and new discoveries from animal research continue to play key roles in advancing our understanding of human behavior.

To set your research career to the tune of the scientific advancements, CogniBrain’s preclinical research services is a one-stop-shop for all your research needs.

We aid you carry out advanced researches using conventional/ transgenic animal models, ex-vivo and in-vitro models. Animal Research Advances Human Health. The development of vaccines is widely considered a major medical milestone, with animal research playing an essential role in creating these protective agents.

There is also a growing problem of multi-drug resistant TB. Animal studies continue to play a crucial part in medical, veterinary and scientific research that benefits both animals and humans.

Americans for Medical Progress supports research involving animals when it is necessary to advance our understanding of biological processes. Home >> What We Do >> Keep You Informed >> Science Corner >> Alternatives to Animal Research.

Those who defend the use of animals in research contend that nonhuman animals are enough like humans to make them scientifically adequate models of humans, but different enough to make it morally acceptable to experiment on them.

Animal research is essential for drug advancements
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Read the four main reasons why animals are used in medical research